A Few Words About Us

We thrive to be one of the largest and most trusted vehicle shipping companies in North America. Each year, coast to coast and across the borders, Midsommar Services delivers thousand of vehicles, achieving 99.7% damage free and on-time performance.

Our satisfied clients include all major global vehicle manufacturers, re-marketers, financial institutions, auctions, dealers, retail single units and personally owned vehicles.

With over 3,500 vehicle carriers, operating from over 150 vehicle logistics centers across the country, we have the largest footprint of any vehicle shipping company in North America. Across the city or across the country, Midsommar Services is Driven to Deliver.

Our Customer Service Promise


At Midsommar Services we vow to:


  • Treat customers with respect and communicate in a manner that is timely, clear, concise and honest
  • Demonstrate fair, equitable and consistent treatment of all customers through both our actions and our words Promise what we deliver and deliver what we promise
  • Proactively notify customers of service expectations and adjustments
  • See customer issues through to resolution
  • Educate customers about our capabilities and services
  • Provide an opportunity for customer input and feedback
  • Ultimately, we understand that guaranteeing customer satisfaction cannot be achieved solely with policies, posters and phone calls. This is why all of our employees, from the sales team to dispatch professionals, possess an attitude and mindset focused on meeting our customer’s needs.