To receive your personalized quote for auto transport or car shipping,
please Call (800) 461-6853 or fill out our online quote request form now.

How long will it take to place the order?

It takes just a few minutes to gather all of the necessary information for getting your
transport started. You can fill out our online order form to get the process started or call (800) 461-6853

Can I specify a pickup and delivery date?

Typically it takes approximately 1-3 business days to get your vehicle picked up from the time it is first available for pickup. For an additional fee to your bass quote an exact pick up date is available as well .

Where will my car be picked up and delivered?

We offer a door-to-door transport service. Typically the only exception is if you live in an area not safely accessible by our transport trucks (extremely narrow roads, dead ends, etc.). For that we may require you to meet the truck at a nearby major street or parking lot that can
accommodate the truck.

[Pickup and/or delivery is subject to accessibility and local laws.] We physically drive the vehicles by (Expedite Driving Service) The fastest and only GUARANTEED DELIVERY service. A staff professional driver takes your vehicle within 48-72HRS immediately after your order is placed or made available. We tailor this service to your needs. Or we provide delivery by Trucking Service , your vehicle will be transported by truck, saving mileage and fuel. Vehicle moved by truck will go on an open car carrier. When order is placed we will locate the first available truck to move it as quickly and safely as possible. No ironclad guarantee on delivery date with this service. Flexibility is necessary due to distance and varying factors trucker may encounter during delivery such as weather, routing, heavy load and delivery schedule, etc

How does Custom Auto Delivery decide who will drive my vehicle?

A staff professional driver will be responsible for your vehicle. Some of our drivers have been with us for many years. The drivers are instructed to call ahead to make arrangements for pick up and delivery. They are instructed to be courteous and professional with all our customers. If there is any comment, good or bad, please let us know immediately. Remember we tailor this service to your needs.

How much will it cost to ship my vehicle?

Our competitive rates are determined by several factors [i.e.--the size of your vehicle, mileage, pickup and destination locations]. That depends on how far you are shipping your car and by what means. When the need arises to have your vehicle transported, we prefer you our free, simple online system to request a quote. This will give us a few key points of information in order to give you an exact price. We
can only give you a price based on pick up and delivery location, type of vehicle, and mechanical condition of the vehicle. We will return an answer by email. A.S.A.P

What is Midsommar services accepted method payment?

Compass Transport is proud to accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, as well as debit cards with the Visa or Mastercard logo. This information is taken at the time you place your order.

Do you charge any deposits?

Yes. Midsommar services require you to place a deposit when placing your order, the deposit is 25% from your total contract.

What type of truck will my auto be shipped on?

Midsommar Services offers either an open carrier–the same type of trucks you see transporting vehicles to and from auto dealerships, or you also have the option of an enclosed carrier–while enclosed carrier rates are higher, this is advisable when shipping exotic, classic or custom vehicles.

Will I be able to pack personal items in my car?

The answer to this is yes and no. Your car’s interior must be free of all personal belongings. The main reason for this is that the Department of Transportation does not allow for the transportation of “personal items” in a car that is being hauled by an auto carrier. Second, personal items that are packed in the vehicle are NOT insured. Also, all trucks have weight limitations that they must comply with. Personal items placed in the car can put the carriers transport truck over its weight limitation, causing delays. Typically a few items in your trunk compartment is acceptable but keep in mind that these items are not covered by insurance.

Does Midsommar Services offer terminal-to-terminal shipping?

We do not participate in terminal-based shipping services. We find that it is more convenient to you, our client, to offer a door-to-door transport (this includes residences, businesses, or any other location you designate). This saves you from having to take or pick up your vehicle to/from a terminal location.

How long does it take to find a Truck and ship my car?

Midsommar Services agrees to transport your vehicle by truck as promptly as possible. We locate the first available truck going from the pickup point to the delivery destination. The trucker will make arrangements to pickup and deliver your vehicle as promptly as possible. Please keep in mind the truckers have more than one vehicle for which they must coordinate pickup and delivery.

How long will it take to deliver my vehicle (i.e.–transit time)?

Transit times vary by mileage and location. Feel free to call (800) 461-6853 for a personalized estimate of transit time based on your specifications.

Is my automobile insured?

In addition to your own vehicle insurance, our Trucking Carriers carries $2,000,000 liability excess coverage. Should Carrier be liable on account of loss or damage, it shall have the full benefit of any insurance that may have been in effect on said property, so far as this shall not void the policies or contracts of insurance, provided that Custom Auto Delivery reimburses the claimant for the premium paid thereon applicable to the time during which the vehicle is in Carrier’s care, custody and control.

How do I verify that a Trucker has all the proper government license
and bond to conduct business?

You can visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on their website at to view all there information.

Click this link to check it out:
Please put our MC Licence # 749743 and then click the search bottom.

Do you offer special car delivery services?

Yes, we offer many types of special vehicle deliveries. Depending on your need a Professional Driver takes your vehicle normally within 48-72HRS immediately after your order is placed or made available. We can make arrangements with you and the driver and they can meet you at the airport when you land. We tailor is service to your needs. Just let us know.

What are some things to consider when shipping my car by truck?

Please consider all the following when shipping your vehicle. Check to see your vehicle is in good running condition. To ensure smooth handling during shipment, check the battery and tires to be in good working order. Make sure all the fluids are toped off. During colder months be sure your car is properly winterized. A working emergency brake is important.

Remove any/all loose items and personal belongings from inside the vehicle. Repair all broken or loose parts on the vehicle before shipping. Any accessories not permanently mounted should be removed. Be certain the jack and spare tire are properly stored. The gas tank should be ½ or less full. A copy of the vehicle registration should be in the glove box. Preferred, but not required, two sets of keys to go with the vehicle. A good suggestion, apply a heavy coat of wax to help fight the release of vaporous waste material from the truck’s engine and the elements in route. Make sure to inform us of any security features or starting instructions pertaining to the handling of your vehicle. Any caps or canopies on pickup trucks must be properly mounted to the vehicles to ensure safe transport.