An Auto Transport Broker Or A Transport Carrier?

When faced with a situation where a vehicle needs to be transported, there can be many confusing options available to consumers in need of a reputable vehicle transport company.  There are literally hundreds of companies available to consumers providing great moving quotes, which can become an extremely daunting process –not to mention that choosing between a transport broker and a transport carrier is a completely different story. At this point, researching the best solution for your case is incredibly important. Within this article, we shall discuss the pros and cons of using auto transport brokers and, furthermore, how to deal with transport carriers.

1.)   Pro: Auto Transport Brokers Make Selection Easy

One of the biggest advantages in regard to using auto transport broker services is the fact that these brokers most often have their own pre-approved lists of carriers, that will not only ensure that your vehicle is put in the right hands, but that you are also avoiding possible frauds. Another advantage is the fact that you will not have to search for the proper solution anymore, since you will have the broker handle the trial-and-error phase of the selection process. Truth be told, there are a number of things you need to be aware of when shipping a car, and selecting a broker might give you the breathing room you need in order to make things more pleasant.

2.)   Con: Not-so-Guaranteed Pick-Up

When you discuss with the company yourself, it makes it easier for you to ensure a certain date; however, since brokers do not have full control over the transport carriers, it might be wise to make some timing calculations up-front that will cover any possible delays. While your broker might have settled for a shorter transit time, it might take them a while longer to come to your house and pick up or deliver your car. Stay informed at all times.

3.)   Con: Auto Transport Brokers Might Make Low Fees Not So Low

This is a con you should take into consideration, since you are already paying for a service. Whenever you hire a broker, you should keep in mind that they make money out of small profits,  like the difference between the actual cost of the transport and the price they charge you. Make sure that difference is really worth it, because in some cases you might spend a lot more than what you would have planned just to have your car moved from here to there using a national movers company. Try looking for recommendations for fair auto transport brokers, which opt for normal fees and ensure quality services.


In most cases, it is wise to use auto transport brokers for your car shipping. However, you need to keep in mind that you should pick only the reliable ones out there, and that the prices you will pay for this particular service might be higher than what your original research indicated. Nevertheless, if you do not have enough time and energy to deal with this, auto transport brokers are certainly a smart solution.