The Major Online Car Buying Trends Of 2012

A big chunk of car-buying these days is done online. And no wonder- this way we don`t waste time, nerves and fuel on going from dealership to dealership. In some aspects, the vehicle market is not that different from that of the computers’- it evolves constantly and there are always new trends topping off older technology. Read on to see what these are right now!

Small is big

Although the economy is showing signs of recovery, consumers are still striving to downsize key expenses any way they can. Regardless of all other factors, smaller cars constitute lower initial and running costs. Taxes, insurance, fuel consumption and of course purchase price all weigh in their favor.

The big brands have already picked up on this tendency and many of them have announced the coming of compact series. Some are developing brand new concepts, other are combining the looks of popular retro models with contemporary know-how. The results are quite satisfactory where performance is concerned, not to mention eye-pleasing.

Three-to-five- doors vehicles are fighting to keep their ground, but they seem to be losing the battle, especially in urban areas where smaller size make sit easier to park and get around in the heavy traffic.

Power comes from many sources

Gasoline is out- it`s as simple as that. There are currently 3 alternatives that are competing for the hearts and wallets of car-buyers.


Until recently such engines were considered to be too smelly, loud and slow. But that was before the new generation of fuels came out. Now diesel has gone from powering mainly trucks and heavy duty military and industrial vehicles, to being everyone’s favorite pump at gas stations across the USA. The numbers prove it- last year alone it scored over 25% increase in sales and over a third so far this year.

This is actually not a surprise. Diesel is the most energy efficient and amongst the cleanest burning fossil fuels. The means less money out of our pockets and even less greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Prices of diesel vehicles are not that higher from those of their gasoline equivalents and when looking in perspective, that difference is nothing compared to the savings to be made in the long run. A few manufacturers have already announced diesel-powered additions to their series and more are expected to do so if the numbers stay so positive till the end of the year.

Hybrid equals smart

Not just in regards to running cost, but also to ecological impact. In simple terms hybrids are designed to use less fuel, thus strongly reducing the damage to both the environment and their owners’ budgets. If we have to put it in more words, these vehicles combine the standard internal combustion engine technology with electric motor components. This allows the burning of smaller quantities of gas and therefore smaller amounts of carbon-based gases being exhausted in the atmosphere. If there was ever a win-win product out there, hybrids are just that.

A couple of years ago they were limited to smaller cars, but today we have a wide variety to chose from- luxury vehicles, trucks, SUVs, etc. Judging from all the buzz in the websites forums, it`s very likely that in a decade or so, we`ll all be driving one of these.

Plug and play

This slogan is no longer reserved for computer games. It has found its new home with the automotive industry. Purely electric vehicles are slowly, but surely becoming a common sight on the streets. Given the fact that the only fuel they need comes from a normal power outlet, it`s not hard to imagine how much lower the running costs are. The same goes for the environmental pollution- producing and burning electricity is a process times cleaner than that of any petroleum substance.

Never the less, a lot of buyers are a bit skeptical and not without good reason we might add. The electrical cars technology is still relatively new and there are many bumps on the road ahead. Charging points and time seem to be the two biggest issues. Finding a gas station and filling the tank of an “old fashioned” vehicle is rarely a problem whether we`re in town or on the highway. This cannot be said about plug-ins though. There are not many stations equipped for powering them and even if that was not a problem, the charging time itself is- it takes well over 6 hours. This is a serious set back compared to the two minutes needed to fill a tank.

Having said all that, it is pretty clear that we have a lot more to see from these cars. For now they remain mostly in the big cities, but as science advances, they are bound to widen their share of the market.

The brand is no longer a leading factor

More and more buyers are skipping the big names in exchange for lower prices and more features. Most major brands are still to learn that upgrading popular models is somewhat obsolete.  Consumers are thirsty for fresh ideas and while some makes are dwelling on old concepts, others have managed to reinvent themselves with innovative design, improved functionality and overall better value for money. This is not something that goes unnoticed and so manufacturers we wouldn`t consider a few years ago are now the first to come to mind when looking for a new car.

Classics are called that way for a reason

They never get old. They never go out of fashion. If we say the internet has revolutionized the selling of classic cars, we would not be exaggerating. Experienced collectors remember what it was like to hunt for an exotic vehicle in the near past. It took a lot of contacts and travelling, often across the country, to find what one was looking for. Now there are numerous websites that specialize in such automobiles, so finding the right one rarely takes more than an online search.

Whether purchased as an investment, or for the sole pleasure of driving in style, retro vehicles will never be a thing of the past. On the contrary, their future looks brighter by the minute.

Which of the new screams is your new car? Whichever it is, don`t forget that paying for it is not enough. It has to make its way from the seller to you. We recommend that you hire an experienced auto shipping company with the proper expertise and transporting equipment, as well as an impeccable insurance policy, to safely deliver your vehicle to its new home.

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