Understanding Car Haulers – Where Car Haulers Operate

Understanding Car Haulers can help you with your Auto Transport decision. In particular it will help you decide if you want to work directly with a Car Hauler or through a Broker.

Back Ground
The Auto Transport Industry is made up of more than 5,000 Car Hauler / Car Transport companies. This estimate does not include the thousands of car towing companies that also sometimes play a roll in the Auto Transport Industry.

In this article I’ll discuss where the Car Haulers operate and in other articles I’ll discuss other characteristics of Car Haulers so that you can be a better informed consumer of Auto Transport services.

Where the Car Haulers Operate
The general rule is that Car Haulers tend to operate near major US freeways and between major US cities. Given that most people in the US live near a major city; this is where the greatest number of vehicles needing transport can be found. Additionally, the freeway system represents the lowest cost route for the drivers as they transport vehicles.

However, many other factors affect where Car Haulers operate.

1.) Price – If the price is right a Car Hauler will travel to a remote location to pickup or deliver a vehicle.

2.) Availability of desired loads – Car Haulers do where the demand is. This is generally near large cities but depending on the Car hauler and the equipment they operate this can mean other areas.

3.) Weather – Car Haulers like most people try to avoid storms. They will go to stormy areas but generally only if the compensation justifies the trip.

4.) Congestion – Car Haulers generally operate very large trucks. It is not easy for them to enter high congestion areas such as city centers Some will make the trip but only if the price is right. Other Car Haulers will not enter these areas.

5.) Tolls and Taxes- Some areas have very high tolls and or high taxes. Again, some Car Haulers will enter these areas for a price while others will not transport loads into out out of these areas.

6.) Laws and Restrictions – Some areas prohibit large trucks.

These factors tend to concentrate the drivers in certain areas or on certain routes. But due to the seasonal nature of the Auto Transport Business this tends to change and evolve over time.

My Auto Transport Decision
Car Hauler companies form the back bone of the Auto Transport Industry and perform the actual vehicle moving of the industry. However, with thousands of Car Hauler companies operating all over the the US it can be a challenge for consumers to identify a reputable company that operates when where they need.

This is the roll that the Brokers play in the industry. Their service is to help customers locate the best Car Hauler available at a given time, for a give route, and for the best price.

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