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Auto Shipping Florida

Auto shipping Florida is a licensed, bonded, and insured transport company. While being in business 22 years, we understand the professionalism of the auto shipping process. 

Auto Shipping Florida

The Benefits Of Auto Shipping Your Car to Florida

Auto shipping is a popular and convenient way to move your vehicle from one state to another. If you’re looking for a professional auto shipping company in Florida, look no further than Auto Shipping Florida. We offer reliable, affordable services to our customers, and we’re committed to providing the best possible experience.

Award Winning Auto Shipping

We take great pride in offering professional auto shipping services that give customers peace-of-mind knowing their vehicles are safe during transit. With over 22 years experience and competitive rates in delivery, our qualified staff can help make your car move worry-free from one place to another. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, as evidenced by their wide array of affordable and time efficient auto shipping solutions catered to your needs.

Personalized Services

Our team offers personalized services to provide you with tailored solutions for all your car shipping needs. Our knowledge and expertise means you will always have peace of mind knowing that your items are being handled by experts who understand exactly what is required, so you never have to worry about any mishaps or unanticipated shortcomings during the process. With us, your vehicles will arrive safe and sound at affordable rates.


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Awards & Recognitions

Whether you require standard or expedited auto shipping services, trust that this professional and dependable company will handle your vehicle with the utmost care, ensuring its safe arrival without any worries or uncertainties.

Best Local Auto Shipper

Awarded to the best auto shipping company in the local Miami area. For outstanding service to its customers.

Customer Service Award

Outstanding customer service awarded by the state of Florida (Deparment of Transportation).

Florida Transport Award

Outstanding business performance growth in the transport industry for the state of Florida.

Dealership Satisfaction Award

Having the highest satisfaction rate with car dealerships across the country.

FMCSA Compliance Award

Completing regulatory and state inspections for compliance.

Business Growth Award

Increasing our employee task force and helping the Florida job market.

Florida Auto Shipping Services

Auto shipping is a great way to transport cars, jeeps, SUVs, and other types of vehicles from one place to another. Learn the different ways to transport your vehicle. 

Open Auto Transport

Open auto transport involves your vehicle being transported on an open trailer. It's the most affordable option and is ideal for small moves.

Door to Door Auto Transport

Having your vehicle picked up at your doorstep and delivered to the next precise location advised.

Rail Auto Transport

Another uncommon method is to transport your car by train.

Expedited Auto Transport

If you need a vehicle shipped the next day we offer this service. However, it can be dependent on a premium cost.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed auto transport transports your vehicle inside an enclosed trailer that provides full protection against weather conditions or debris injuries during transit.

Air Auto Transport

On rare occasions a vehicle may be shipped via airplane. We accommodate this service, however prices can range on the high end.

RORO Vehicle Shipping

Standing for "Roll on, Roll Off" this transport method is used if your vehicle needs to travel through a body of water.

Dealership Auto Transport

We offer special discounts to dealerships for auto transport. We understand many vehicle may be shipped at a time and will discount each vehicle accordingly.

Auto Shipping Florida Process

Navigating the world of auto shipping can be confusing, but understanding a few key pieces of information can help you select the best method for your needs.

Instant Quote

When you submit a form request we will have a representative reach out to you. They will discuss the process and specific quote prices with you.

DocuSign Agreement

This will be an electronic document sent via email. The user will sign the document electronically locking in the transport rate.

Auto Shipping

We will assign one of our specialized drivers to your vehicle, and provide a tracking number accordingly.

What Our Customer Say:

Shipping a car can seem like a daunting task – especially if it is your first time. Thankfully, we are here to guide you through the entire process. 

“Amazing service! As a Florida local I really appreciated the hospitality and quick execution of this company.”

Mark Randy

“Love the discounts given to car dealerships. I  have sent 15 vehicles in one transport run. They are great at catering to your needs as a dealership.”

Andy Rosenberg

“Was very impressed with the vehicle delivery process. I did not get expedited and my vehicle still arrived that day after signing the contract. Thank you!”

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Auto Shipping Florida

Looking to ship a car to Florida? You’re not alone – many people choose to ship their cars when they move to the Sunshine State. Whether you’re moving permanently or just looking for a winter getaway, auto shipping is a great option.

Why you should use an auto shipping company when shipping your car to Florida

If you’re considering shipping your car to Florida, an auto shipping company can provide the best and most affordable option. These companies guarantee safe and efficient delivery of your vehicle, employing experienced drivers and carrier networks that navigate highways across the country. Moreover, they offer stress-free solutions by taking responsibility for any damages or delays that could occur during transportation – leaving you free to enjoy your relocation process. With decades of experience and a hassle-free service, Florida Auto Shipping provides reliable delivery of vehicles in a timely and convenient manner.